UK Lost Data on 16,000 Covid-19 Cases Because ‘Excel Didn’t Have Enough Columns’

 UK Lost Data on 16,000 Covid-19 Cases Because ‘Excel Didn’t Have Enough Columns’

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If a global pandemic wasn’t enough, the number of rising Covid-19 cases across the world has come under criticism for being muddled.

The United Kingdom, one of the worst-hit countries due to Covid-19 failed to register nearly 16,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus to its national track record and trace system, due to what they have called an ‘Excel error.’

According to The Guardian, the error occurred because the platform used to track the cases was none other than handy Microsoft excel. The Excel spreadsheet apparently reached its maximum file size and failed to update.

A million-row limit on the Excel spreadsheet software, may have essentially led to Public Health England misplacing nearly 16,000 Covid test results.

The Public Health England, said some 15,841 cases had been left out of national totals because of the error but did not specify what caused the so-called glitch.

“Initial findings indicate that the issue was caused by the fact that some files containing positive test results exceeded their maximum file size, and they then failed to load into the central system because they couldn’t get through,” a spokesperson told a BBC reporter. They did not mention Excel.

The 15,841 “missing” cases which were made public were originally recorded between September 25th and October 2nd.

The error may have helped spread the virus further through the country as individuals exposed to the virus wouldn’t have known and continued spreading it.

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