Trending Now: ‘Gig workers are the future of Indian job economy’

 Trending Now: ‘Gig workers are the future of Indian job economy’

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Umang Mathur, Founder, Shortjobs says that the next two years are going to be great for the job economy as many companies have already started to hire people on project basis

Umang Mathur, Founder, Shortjobs

What was the motivation behind the launch of Shortjobs? 
Post the corona crisis and constant demand of contractual workforce i.e., freelancers, consultants and subject experts who are increasingly  seeking flexible method of employment. That is when Shortjobs came into picture; we collaborate with various companies and post their requirements on our site giving the candidates to choose from opportunities from internship to permeant job. During this COVID-19 from march 2020 there were approximately 6.9 million candidates who lost their job and approximately 22% salaried class lost their job but gradually jobs are picking up in some sectors like automotive and hospitality sector where people can work as temporary work force.

What is the revenue model?
When we talk about the revenue model, we wanted to keep the access very transparent and simple for the employers and the candidates, therefore we have build a Subscription based model for the users in our platform. Our subscription starts from monthly to yearly package. With the growing demands we have start with personalised requirements of companies at affordable and economical rates of hiring.

What is the number of users on the platform?
We have been fortunate enough to get good traction from the industry since our inception. We were received positively by corporates as well as individual job seekers seeking new avenues of earning. By now we have close to 5,000  job seekers registered on our platform across different segments and the number is growing by leaps and bounds. On the other hand close to 350 corporates are associated with us and are actively hiring.

How is it benefiting users? 
Shortjobs is the most transparent job portal, we don’t have any hidden chargers or any hidden clause added. We have understood the need of the hour and come up with various packages and styles of resume making as resume is the most important document that is required to get your dream job. Shortjobs provides the employers with skilled workforce specialised in their own fields.

What is the USP?
Our main USP is the transparent subscription model and a seamless platform which is easy to use for both candidates as well as employers. We noticed that other gig job platforms were largely focused on international requirements. There was a huge vacuum for a platform focusing on Indian gig requirements and we are trying to capitalise on this.

How does the subscription model work in comparison to the commission-based model?
Subscription model is the periodic payment against the quantum of services which buyer decides to buy. On the other hand commission based payment is the service charge paid against the completion of the task in hand in  stipulated time frame. As far as ShortJobs is concerned we have adopted both the models for our customers. We have various customised cost effective Subscription options available for corporates as well as candidates. These options are very competitive in pricing compared to other job platforms in the market. We also have tailor-made services for our selected corporate clients where we take care of their end to end recruitment on commission base pricing. So for us both the models are paying off equally.

How is Shortjobs taken over large recruitment firms during the pandemic?
We are a no competition to the lager recruitment firms as they are highly established in the market, but yes, we would get there soon. And to get there we are coming up with a various service that can be provided to the candidates and the employers. We are focusing on resume making services and personalised recruitment process services as well. I would like to tell you that we take personal care in their recruitment process and make sure the entire process is hassle free for the employer and the candidate at the same time.

How does it aim to democratise the Indian job market using new-age technology – gig economy?
The demand for staffing is becoming the hottest trend in the job market, with the growing segment of the workforce choosing contractual work over full time employment. I see gig workers as the future of Indian job economy. Next 2 years will be great for the job economy as many companies have already started to hire people on project basis (gig workers) in construction sector, chartered accountancy
firms and sales and marketing based on commission.

What are your future plans for the company?
We plan to grow and create awareness about us in the market. We have come up with various services to cater to the needs of the employers’  the employees in all segments, like Resume making, personalised recruitment on commission base. We aim to create a platform of employer and employees so that registered employees can have a dialogue with employers to look for jobs at the earliest. The employees currently are in dire need of recruitment so our plan is to focus on local recruitment and placement.


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