Sushil Kumar arrest: 8 eye-witnesses testify against wrestler in Chhatrasal brawl case

 Sushil Kumar arrest: 8 eye-witnesses testify against wrestler in Chhatrasal brawl case

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As per a report, as many as 8 eye-witnesses in the Sagar Rana murder case have testified against renowned wrestler Sushil Kumar


More trouble seems to be brewing for renowned Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar in the Chhatrasal brawl case. The wrestler, who is presently in a 6-day custody of the Delhi police and is being interrogated by the Crime Branch, seems to have landed himself in more trouble. The latest development on the matter suggests that as many as 8 eye-witnesses have issued statements against the wrestler in the case that resulted in the death of junior wrestler Sagar Rana.

Though Sushil’s lawyer has maintained that his client is being framed in the case, the witnesses and evidence that the police have found so far, are all against the two-time Olympic medal winner. The Delhi police have already nabbed four of Sushil’s associates from the Kanjhawala area in Delhi in connection with the case and have been taken on remand.

“The four men, who had non-bailable warrants issued against them, were nabbed by a team led by ACP Brahmjeet Singh and inspector Ishwar Singh. They were found to be associates of Sushil Kumar in wrestler Sagar Dhankad’s (Rana) murder case at Chhatrasal Stadium. They have revealed the entire conspiracy and the sequence of events,” police said.

A total of 8 eye-witnesses have been gathered by the police in the case and as per the reports, all of them have testified against the wrestler.

Psychological expert used in interrogation

Reports suggested that Sushil wasn’t cooperating with the police in the investigation initially. To get the wrestler to open up, the police even had to use a psychological expert as part of the interrogation process. As per reports, Sushil has been quite afraid to open up to the psychological expert and has been dodging the questions.


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