Patidar Commuinity starts Isolation Center for COVID-19 patients at Katargam

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Surat. Patidar Community has started COVID-19 Community Care Center at Ambatalavdi in Katargam area of Surat. The center is for patients from the patidar community, who don’t have proper place to remain isolated for 14 days.

Doctor Hitesh Patel, who is serving at isolation centre at Katargam said, “This facility is for members of Patidar community. Right now, every community in Surat has created isolation facility for their members, who have been tested positive for COVID-19.”

Mayor Jagdish Patel said that patients, who are not from Patidar community, can avail facility of government isolation centre in Surat.

COVID-19 patients, who don’t need Oxygen and Ventilator support during isolation, are kept at the center for 14 days.

SMC is supplying PPE kits and medicines to these isolation centres and it is also supporting them by providing their community halls for free of cost.

Deputy Municipal Commissioner of Surat, Ashish Naik, said that every community can give priority to its members at the isolation centre.

Rana community, Dawoodi Bohra community, PatidarSamaj, VataliyaPrajapati community and Ahir community have started isolation center in Surat.

President of Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust, MathurSavani says, “There are many COVID-19 patients in Patidar community, who live in a small house. If patient stays in the house, then he might infect other members of the family. Considering this, we have started isolation facility at PatidarSamaj Hall in Katargam area of Surat.”

According to Savani, COVID-19 patient needs a separate washroom and health facilities. This can be easily provided to patients at the isolation center.

Rana community, Ahir community and Dawoodi Bohra community have created isolation center of 50 beds each. Patidar community and VataliyaPrajapati community have created isolation center of 100 beds each.

Patients in the isolation center are checked by doctors twice in a day and they are also given medicines. Besides this, patients are given hot water, break-fast, evening snacks, lunch and dinner. Isolation center does not have ventilator facility, oxygen facility and ICU facility.

All expenses for the isolation center are being borne by the respective communities. Community is also receiving help from donors. Patidar community has spent Rs4 lakhs for its center at Patidar community hall.

Patidarsamaj and Prajapatisamaj is also spending from their own pockets. Communities are also paying for doctors and other staff hired for the isolation center. Majority of doctors working in the isolation center are doing service or are taking token salary.

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