Motive of Kayda Clinic is in question

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Surat: Surat based Kayda Clinic has strated free legal counselling for citizens, however it has attracted sharp criticism from the legal fratnernity. Kayda Clinic says it is trying to help citizens, who have to pay hefty fees to advocates for legal help. On the other side, advocates say that nobody can mislead people in the name of providing legal help.

Kayda Clinic is totally illegal and against the public policy. We have filed a complaint against Kayda Clinic with Surat Police Commissioner and police are investigating into it,” said Advocate Shobhna Chapiya, member of Bar Council of Surat and Gujarat High Court.

She added that Kayda Clinic is totally misleading and has been started with malified attempts by the promoters.

“District Legal Services Authority is there to provide free legal help to citizens, who are are unable to afford legal services. What Kayda Clinic is offering is totally against the rule of law. People should stay away from believing it,” added Shobhna Chapiya.

Advocate Shabnam A Vandeliwala from Surat said, “People offering legal in the name of Kayda Clinic don’t belong to any group of advocates. Those who are not advocate, if they try to provide legal aid to people, then it is deterimental for the society.”

Nation is based on rule of law and if activity like Kayda Clinic is not stopped, it can pose a threat to judicial system and democratic step-up in the country.

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