IOCL launches 100 Octane petrol in Surat

 IOCL launches 100 Octane petrol in Surat

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After Ahmedabad, Surat becomes the second city in the state to have 100 Octane petrol, which has a niche market for luxury vehicles that demand high performance

Surat: Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) on Monday has launched the nation’s first 100 Octane petrol in Gujarat, helping India join a select league of nations globally that have such superior quality fuel.

After Ahmedabad, Radhe Petroleum at University Road launched the high-end, niche segment in Surat city for the high end cars owners, which is getting cultivated like never before. These customers are demanding 100 octane fuel. DGM (Retail), Surat DO, Prashant Pandey and CM (Retail), Surat DO, Sunil Vikram Singh were present for the event.

Octane ratings are measures of fuel stability. It is a measure of a fuel’s ability to avoid knock. Knock occurs when fuel is prematurely ignited in the engine’s cylinder, which degrades efficiency and can be damaging to the engine. The higher the octane number, the more resistant the petrol mixture is to knock.

Worldwide, 100 Octane petrol has a niche market for luxury vehicles that demand high performance and is available only in six countries of USA, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Malaysia and Israel and now in India IOC is aiming to fulfil the Atamnirbhar Bharat goal.

At most retail stations, three octane grade are offered, 87 (regular), 89 (mid-grade) and 91-94 (premium).

It is an innovative achievement of IndianOil through intense and sustained efforts of its world class R&D, harnessing indigenously developed technology that uses an interface of multiple production streams and quality systems. Dream vehicles with higher compression ratio engines require high octane gasoline for inspiring, superior performance.

“XP100, only highest Octane rating fuel, enhances the performance of vehicles particularly high-end luxury cars and bikes. An initiative under Atmanirbhar Bharat, XP100 is being produced using high octane gasoline produced through “Octamax”, an indigenously developed technology by IOC R&D Centre,” said Deputy GM (Retail) Surat, Prashant Pandey.

The engine parts cleanliness will be sustained for limited duration even after switching to conventional 91 octane fuel.  The vehicles are designed considering minimum of 91 octane fuel. So, switching back to 91 octane fuel at any point of time would not harm the engine.

All the fuel brands (Regular fuel, XtraPremium and XP100) being sold at IOCL ROs meets the requirements of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) – IS2796-2017 and are thereby honoured by OEMs in terms of providing engine warranty. The octane rating of XP100 exceeds the BIS standard and thereby ensures much superior combustion of fuel in engine as compared to BIS recommended gasoline.  The company has also launched the IndianOil ONE app to locate retail outlet near you where XP100 is available.

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