How technology is changing what’s popular in the pet industry

 How technology is changing what’s popular in the pet industry

Vanya Chandel, Founder, Forfurs

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Vanya Chandel, Founder, Forfurs says that with 24/7 tech-support, working pet parents are at ease with leaving their furries at home

Hades, the God of the dead and the King of the underworld, had a three-headed dog called Cerberus. Greek culture was known to popularise keeping dogs as pets. This is the first known instances of pet grooming.

Most pet parents have become increasingly invested in the overall health, diet and grooming needs of their pet. Pets nowadays live a very lavish lifestyle because people view their pets as a family member rather than just a pet. The number of pet adoptions rose sharply during the
COVID-19 lockdown. Pets have proved to be extremely helpful de-stressors during such trying times. This has led to massive growth in the grooming expenditure on companion animals.

Pet social media accounts
Pet social media accounts are one of the most popular trends these days. You will barely find a pup without its own Instagram page. Some pets have become so popular online that they have their merchandise and gained sponsorship and partnership opportunities through their
Instagram handles.

Vet on your fingertips
Gone are the days when you had to call the vet’s clinic for an appointment and drag your pet there for a check-up. You can now not only book appointments online but also consult an online vet for urgent enquiries. Technology has changed the way pet health and treatment work. Pet parents now have access to animal nutritionists, veterinarians, and other pet experts through online apps, video chats, or over the phone.

Pet webcams
Every working pet parent knows that pet webcams are a blessing. Leaving your furry home alone while you go out for work or run errands can make one extremely anxious. Thanks to modern technology, pet webcams have allowed pet parents to keep an eye on what they are up to when home alone. Until very recently pet webcams were like CCTV cameras for the pet, however, the latest pet cams allow pet parents to converse with their pets as well.

Pet monitors
Keeping a tab on your pet’s health and whereabouts has become as easy as an app on your phone. Wearable pet monitors allow the pet parents to track their pets heartbeat, daily exercise and location in case they lose them. This data is available on the pet parent’s phone or can be shared directly with the vet.

Ordering pet products online
Ordering pet supplies online is one of the biggest blessings to pet parents. Pet products from medicines, food, pet accessories and grooming products are available online. It saves pet parents the guilty jog to the store when they forget to get their pet’s food or the furry little one’s favourite toy suddenly goes ‘missing’. Another advantage is that these, online stores are always open and allow you to customise your order. There a variety of options to choose from, while being in the comfort of your home, along with express delivery options, access to customer reviews, and other features. Online shopping for pets has been a real help during the COVID-19 pandemic when pet products were not considered essential items and were scarcely available.
Hence, here we are able to see the sort of differences, easiness and ways of assistance that technology has brought into our lives. With 24/7 tech-support, working pet parents are at ease with leaving their furries at home.



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