‘Building a robust EV infrastructure for India’

 ‘Building a robust EV infrastructure for India’

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Infrastructure for EV in India is not ready, but EMotorad has designed and built their products that are perfect for the current scenario

Rajib Gangopadhyay, Founder, EMotorad

Electric scooters and cars need charging stations. And this makes it tougher for the EV setup to scale at pace. Our products fit correctly as we can charge them anywhere.

Since our e-cycles are pedal-assisted, it reduces the breakdown scenario. While our electric cycles can always be pedaled across in case of any electrical breakdown, the mechanical breakdown can be repaired by any mechanic across the street. This is one of the major factors of building trust among our consumers. Our e-bikes are also designed specifically keeping in mind the rough Indian terrains.

To reduce the TAT (Turnaround Time) of any replacement required due to physical damage of any electronic component in literally minutes, the bikes come with quick-release plugs for the entire wiring harness.

To boost the EV community and bring more and more people together to choose e-bikes for local commute, we are also building a tracking and security app that will relay the data on the customer’s smartphone. The app will have an odometer reading, trip meter, the voltage of the battery, battery status, calories burnt with locking and unlocking mechanism.

We are working extensively to allow and motivate smaller existing and new supply chain players to come in and start manufacturing the components that could be used in the e-bikes in India. This way will help bring down the cost for quality through scaling up. And we anticipate the bigger players coming on a large scale in areas such as battery cells, motors, and motor controllers. This will in turn help keep a regular work inflow and quality check for the smaller and mid-sized players to grow into bigger companies in the EV sector.

Coming back to end-consumers, our refund policy is based on any manufacturing defects which hampers the usability of the e-cycle. In such cases, the company offers replacement. But in situations where the customer requests a refund, the same will be processed within 7-11 working days.

We are extensively working with some Indian manufacturers for the supply of some of our parts to become a reliable partner. We are helping them develop their manufacturing qualities of the standard to match the e-bikes we bring to the market. We are also looking for suppliers for batteries, motor controllers, and motors to match our level of quality we desire.


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