Bodybuilder kills himself using steroid Illness in Surat

 Bodybuilder kills himself using steroid Illness in Surat

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Surat: Police recovered the body of a 34-year old proprietor of a gymnasium from his automobile at Adajan on Friday night. Preliminary research revealed that the deceased had committed suicide while the precise reason for the extreme measure are being siphoned, authorities said.

Locals discovered Mejal Keriwala lying dead in his car near Sneh Sankul Wadi at Adajan at about 11 pm and alerted the authorities. Cops recovered some syringes and liquid out of the vehicle. It’s suspected that Keriwala was carrying injection as marks were discovered on his hands.

Authorities stated he injected himself with steroids every day and died from overdose. “On Friday he took an overdose of this shot which murdered him. It’s apparent that he injected himself with the intention to take his life,” said an officer of Adajan police channel.

Samples were collected during post mortem for additional forensic tests. Efforts have been made to learn which sort of steroid has been injected from the deceased.

Keriwala was a bodybuilder and following a promising start by winning a couple of bodybuilding contests he began his own gymnasium in Udhna about a couple of decades back. His family and friends told authorities that Keriwala was under melancholy and cops are attempting to dig out the motives that led him into extreme psychological stress.

“We’re attempting to learn the motives for his melancholy and will wonder that the household following the final rites are performed,” said authorities.

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