Bharat Singh Solanki takes over control leaving Amit Chavda behind, as Chavda fails to live up to expectations

 Bharat Singh Solanki takes over control leaving Amit Chavda behind, as Chavda fails to live up to expectations

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In politics, preparing your successor proves to be the most important, but if the heir is not able, then the loss is more, no one can understand it better than the Congress.

Bharat Singh Solanki, who inherited the legacy of former Chief Minister Madhav Singh Solanki, handed over the command of the Gujarat Congress to his close relative Amit Chavda despite the good performance of the Assembly elections, beware that after becoming Solanki MP, Amit Chavda was elected in 2004 by Borsad. The assembly was lowered, four-time MLA Chavda also lived up to his expectations, but as state Congress chief he failed miserably, neither the organization nor the MLA could manage.

More than one and a half dozen MLAs painted in saffron color, in which many Solanki family were also present. Amit Chavda was forced to resign twice, but Solanki kept protecting him, but after a crushing defeat in the Assembly by-election in 8 seats, Rahul Gandhi’s trio of alleged (Amit Chavda – Paresh Dhanani – Rajiv Satava) in Gujarat ) Came on the target of dissatisfied sitting in Delhi.

Due to the visible defeat in the local body elections, the remaining contenders did not insist or else the bidding was fixed. In the first Rajya Sabha election, the defeat caused by the resignation of the Congress MLAs and Corona’s grip on spending more than 100 days in the hospital, the conditions that were created by the death of Madhav Singh Solki were somehow not right for Solanki, But this tough leader of Congress knew better that if the situation is not controlled now, it will get out of control, so Solanki has took command of Amit Chavda himself.

In the last few days, Solanki agreed to activate them by single-handed meeting with all the pro and opposition leaders, gave responsibility of the metropolitan areas to several big leaders simultaneously, engaged them in public relations at the grassroots level, also visited the Congress. Tried to win the trust by communicating with the dissidents, though they are aware that it is very difficult to achieve the previous result, the effect of Patel movement has ended, preparations are for a long jump.

Bharat Singh Solanki is preparing for a long jump, after the death of Ahmed Patel, the place of Gujarat in Delhi seems empty. Team Rahul’s lieutenants Madhusudan Mistry and Deepak Babaria have also lost their luster, with Shaktisinh Gohil separating himself from the charge of Bihar citing his health, so Solanki hopes to show his presence in the local body elections.

One can control Gujarat from Delhi on the lines of Ahmed Patel. And if all goes well, one can set your pieces before the 2022 assembly elections. But the weak organization of Gujarat Congress and rampant factionalism, lack of struggle, economic crisis are obstacles in the way of Solanki, will not be easy to deal with, but Amit Chavda has become a rubber stamp, it also knows the walls of Rajiv Bhavan better.

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